Easy Ways to Use WhatsApp Web Video Call Feature on Pc

WhatsApp continues to update interesting features, one of which is video calls and voice calls. You can install the WhatsApp Desktop application for calls. Here's how to video call WhatsApp Web on a PC.

Whatsapp video call on pc

whatsapp video call on pc
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WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop work on computers and tablets. WhatsApp Web can be used through a browser without the need to download an application. While WhatsApp Desktop is a messaging application that can be downloaded for computers and PC.

WhatsApp is constantly updating the app for better communication. One of them features telephone and video calls. WhatsApp Web video calls can be made via WhatsApp Desktop. You can make free voice and video calls on WhatsApp Desktop contacts.

Quoting from faq.whatsapp.com, this voice and video call supports Windows 10 64 bit version 1903 or later. Whereas Apple devices support macOS 10.13 or later.

WhatsApp Desktop supports phone and video calls via computer. However this app doesn't support group calling like feature phone. You can only make personal calls.

Before going to the tutorial, please download the WhatsApp application for PC first. Click below.


How to Video Call Whatsapp Web on a PC

1. Download WhatsApp Desktop first for Windows or Mac.

2.Enter WhatsApp account via QR code scanned on mobile

3.Android phone click the three dots icon in the top right corner select the linked device

4.iPhone phone select settings menu at bottom right tap linked device

5.Scan the QR code on the computer via the mobile phone to link the account

6.Make sure your computer or laptop is connected to the internet

7.Allows WhatsApp to access the computer's microphone and camera

8.Make sure your audio device, microphone, and camera can make video calls. If the camera does not support it can only make voice calls.

9.You can use a headset to get good audio quality

10.Open the WhatsApp Desktop application that has been downloaded on the device

11.Open the chat of the individual or contact you want to contact

12.Click the video or phone call icon for voice

13.During a call, you can unmute or mute the microphone. You do this by clicking the microphone icon

14.You can also click the camera icon to turn the video on or off.

15.When the call ends, click end call

Continue to the next step Download the WhatsApp application for PC.

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