Most Innings In A Baseball Game

Most Innings In A Baseball Game - One of the many great things about baseball is that time never runs out. Comebacks are always possible in baseball. It's not game over until you get out on the 27th or sometimes more.

Of course, extra-inning games are not uncommon in Major League Baseball. But few sports in history have gone to extremes. Every now and then, two teams meet on the field and build a game that lasts longer than any business is capable of -- even more than 20 innings.

Most Innings In A Baseball Game

Most Innings In A Baseball Game

Check out these marathon events. Here are the longest games played by innings in Major League history since 1900.

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The longest inning game in Major League history could have gone even longer - after 26 innings, the game was called off due to darkness. The Robins (predecessors of the Dodgers) and the Braves were tied at 1 and that was how the game ended. The entire episode was only three hours and 50 minutes long.

Brooklyn's run came thanks to leadoff hitter Ivy Olson hitting an RBI single over the head of Hall of Famer Rabbit Maranville in the fifth. Boston's Tony Boeckel singled in the tying run in the middle of the bottom of the sixth. The teams were scoreless 20 innings into the night at Braves Field.

A New York Times story the next day joked that Judge Barry McCormick "soon remembered it was time to meet him with a juicy steak. He wondered if he was getting dark. He held out his hand as a test and decided, that he looks like Virginia ham in the Gloaming." He knew she wasn't Virginia Hamm, and he was sure it was too dark to play ball. After that he called the game to his own satisfaction and to (co-umpire Bob Hart's) satisfaction as everyone else was concerned."

This game is amazing by today's standards. Not only because of its sheer length, but also because of the placement of the jugs included. Brooklyn's Leon Cador and Boston's Joe Oshgar, both starting pitchers,

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"If the pitcher couldn't go far," Oshgar told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune decades later, "he soon found some other kind of occupation."

#OTD At Braves Field in 1920, the Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves played a record 26-inning game that ended in a 1-1 tie. After the 3 hour and 50 minute contest was called due to darkness, both throwers (Leon Cador and Joe Oshgar) went the distance. Walter Holke had 42 PO at first base — Old Time Baseball Photo (@OTBaseballPhoto) May 1, 2020

It is the longest game in history in terms of time. It took eight hours and six minutes -- and was supposed to be completed in two days.

The game started on May 8. With 14,754 fans in attendance at Comiskey Park, the game was suspended at 1 a.m. with both teams going 17 innings to tie the game 3–3. The American League had a rule that no new innings could start after that time.

What Would Happen If A Baseball Game Went 50 Innings?

After taking a two-run lead in the ninth inning, Milwaukee looked set to win in regulation. But before the final out and facing Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers, the White Sox rallied on a double by Julio Cruz and a single by Rudy Law.

Neither team scored until the second day. As the game resumed, the Brewers retook the lead in the 21st inning on Ben Oglivie's three-run home run. Somehow, Chicago tied it again in the bottom of the game with RBI hits from Carlton Fisk and Tom Paciorek, and both teams made the play.

In the bottom of the 25th - after Tom Seaver pitched a no-hitter in the top half, the White Sox ended the game with a bang. Harold Baynes struck out Chuck Porter to pick up the win for Chicago.

The 13,460 fans who arrived at Shea Stadium on that Wednesday night in September had no idea what was in store for them: a seven-hour, four-minute contest that wouldn't end until 3:13 a.m., the longest ever. Consecutive major league games (by innings) where the winner was decided.

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Jerry Koosman gave the Mets a 3-1 lead in the ninth, but gave up the game-tying home run to Ken Reitz with two outs. Neither team scored again until the 25th, when Beck McBride of St. Louisa – aptly nicknamed "Shake 'n Beck" – did something with his bikes. McBride led off with a groundout, then scored from first on Hank Webb's wild pitch. With sunrise barely three hours away, the Cards held on for a 4-3 win. The Mets estimated that about 1,000 fans remained in the stands.

"I thought I could finish third," McBride said after the game, according to the Associated Press. "After I was second, I was like, 'I'm going all the way.'

Other historical notes: Yogi Berra, the Mets manager at the time, in the 20th inning, at about 1:30, Lou Brock entered the game with 105 stolen bases, but was caught trying for 106. Keith Hernandez as a rookie for the Cards in 1974 appeared in only 14 games and that was the right one. Claude Osteen pitched 9 1/3 scoreless innings for St. Louis; Jerry Cram pitched eight scoreless innings for New York. The game featured 50 players and approximately 180 baseballs were used.

September 11, 1974: The @Cardinals beat the @Mets 4-3 in 25 innings. Shea had 202 strokes in the game and last 7 hours/4 minutes. Hank Webb lost on a throwing error on a pickoff attempt in the top of the 25th inning that led to the eventual game-winning run. — MetsRewind (@metsrewind) September 11, 2020

World Series Game 5: Astros Beat Dodgers In Extra Innings Thriller

It seems like the Mets historically like to play long games. Six years before his 25 innings in Flushing, he went 24 against the Astros in Houston. Incredibly, the game was scoreless until the bottom of the 24th, the longest scoreless streak of any Major League game.

The six-hour, six-minute contest at the Astrodome began with Hall of Famer Tom Seaver on the mound for the Mets and Don Wilson for the Astros. Both starters were at their peak. Wilson gave up nine hits and only five hits. Seaver, in his second season and a year removed from leading the Miracle Mets to the 1969 World Series, threw 10 shutout innings and gave up just two hits. Tom Terrific retired 25 batters between the bottom of the second and the bottom of the 10th.

As the teams moved on, they ended up setting the record for the longest night game in history, a note posted on the Astrodome's scoreboard — along with some light-hearted messages for the fans who displayed it. In the 20th inning, the scoreboard read, "We hope you enjoyed Game 3 tonight as much as you enjoyed the first two games."

With the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 24th inning, the game was decided when Houston's Bob Aspromonte hit a routine ground ball. It could have been an inning-ending double play to send the game to 25. But it eluded AstroTurf and shortstop Al Weiss, allowing the only run of the game to score.

Cleveland Indians Lose Longest Game Of The Season, 8 7 In 11 Innings To Twins

On this day in 1968, the Astros beat the Mets 1-0 in 24 innings at the Astrodome. Norm Miller scores the winning run at 1:37 AM. “Everybody's known for something, right,” he told me in 2015. The Astros used just five pitchers. — Brian McTaggart (@brianmctaggart) April 15, 2020

Before the White Sox and Brewers overtook them four decades later, the Tigers and A's held the AL record for longest playoff streak. Like the record 26-inning affair between Robbins and the Braves, the game ended in a tie.

The two teams met at Shibe Park in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon and played all 24 innings in four hours and 48 minutes. Both the Tigers and A's only used two pitchers.

For the Tigers, Les Mueller pitched the first 19 2/3 innings, allowing just one unearned run. Mueller was one of several players who returned from military service during World War II when the game was played. With two on and two outs in the 20th inning, manager Steve O'Neill called on Dizzy Trout for relief. Trout pitched 4 2/3 innings earlier in the day, but recovered and pitched the final 4 1/3 innings of the game without allowing a run.

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But veteran Connie Mack, 82 years old and in his 45th season with the team, still led the way. Mack surrendered the first 13 innings to starting pitcher Russ Christopher; It has expired. Then came Joe Berry, pitching the final 11 frames to hold off the Tigers

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